Benevolent Fund

Inquiries and Applications to the Benevolent Fund

Active members facing extreme unpredicable financial distress may make a confidential application directly to the Benevolent Fund Committee.

Please contact GVTA office staff (250.595.0181 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for the name and contact information of the Chairperson of the Benevolent Fund Committee.

Greater Victoria Teachers' Association Benevolent Fund Regulations

The Committee:

  1. A committee of three GVTA Executive Committee members appointed by the Executive Committee shall administer the fund.
  2. The chairperson of the committee shall be selected by the membership of the committee and shall report to the GVTA Executive the decision of the Benevolent Fund Committee.

The Fund:

  1. The purpose of the fund shall be for the financial relief of extreme unpredictable distress incurred by any active member of the GVTA.
  2. The Benevolent Fund Committee shall be empowered to expend annually a budgeted amount of money equivalent to an assessment of two dollars per active member per year. Requests for funding above the budgeted amount may be made by the Benevolent Fund committee to the GVTA Executive Committee.
  3. Confidentiality of member names who seek and/or are granted assistance will be maintained.
  4. The Benevolent Fund Committee is empowered to grant no interest loans (normally where no financial loss has occurred) or non-repayable grants depending on the circumstances of the member. Repayment timeline will be established on an individual basis.
  5. A copy of the minutes of the Benevolent Fund Committee meetings, which authorize grants, shall be sent to the GVTA annually. These minutes will indicate the amount of the loan or grant and will not indicate the recipient.
  6. The Committee will investigate all requests, and a majority vote will decide if help is justified and will determine the amount of the grant or loan to be given.
  7. The Committee chair or designate will report any decision of the Benevolent Fund Committee in committee to the GVTA Executive Committee.


  1. Any active member of the GVTA may make direct application to the Benevolent Fund Committee, or may be referred to the Committee by any member of the GVTA.
  2. When an application or referral is before the Committee, it is treated in a confidential manner. The only report made to the GVTA Executive Committee is the financial report without mentioning names.
  3. The Committee expects that each applicant will have exhausted all other means of financial assistance prior to applying to the Benevolent Fund.