Applying for Funds

All members of the GVTA (contract teachers and TOCs alike) are entitled to access funds from the Joint GVTA/GVSD Pro-D Fund. Before applying, please read the Pro-D Q & A Pamphlet.

How do I apply? How much funding is available? What may I use it for?

Answers to these and other questions are found HERE

Application Forms

Each GVTA member who wishes to pursue Teacher As Researcher, Teacher Helping Teacher or Professional Book Club activities should fill out one of the forms linked below.  For more information, please see the ProD Funding Q&A Brochure linked above.

Credit Course


Professional Book Club

Teacher as Researcher

Teacher Helping Teacher

Local Specialist Association Grant

School Grant

** Special note about pro-d in July and August

All applications for professional development in July and August must be received in the GVTA office prior to June 15.  Any applications you submit for July and August are considered Pro-D for the new school year.  Funding is limited, thefore the GVTA can accept one Pro D funding application per teacher per school year.  Call the GVTA office (595-0181), for more details.

Financial Assistance is also available for Professional Development activities organized by Local Specialist Associations (LSAs) and at school sites