Covid-19 Information


Am I responsible for providing homework for a student who is not attending?

No. This District has clearly expressed this is not expected. You can send a brief email outlining current classroom themes and topics of study, a link to the BC Curriculum and the link to the District Continuity of Learning resource page.

How do I refuse unsafe work?

Worksafe BC states:

Workers have the right to refuse work if they believe it presents an undue hazard.

An undue hazard is an “unwarranted, inappropriate, excessive, or disproportionate” hazard. For COVID-19, an “undue hazard” would be one where a worker’s job role places them at increased risk of exposure and adequate controls are not in place to protect them from that exposure.

There can be no reprisal for refusal of unsafe work. It is a simple three step process. Contact the GVTA office for support.

Can I share information with my class about a Covid-19 exposure?

Your personal medical information is yours to share if you wish to do so. (See the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 2) Protecting student privacy is our responsibility. If a parent in your class indicates that they want you to share information about their child’s Covid positive status and exposure dates, you can do so. Clarify if the parent wants you to keep the child’s name confidential. We advise you inform your principal that you will be sharing this information as instructed by the child’s parent. If you receive any direction not to do so, please contact the GVTA office.

I’m confused about when to stay home or when my students should stay home.

Things are changing so fast and information from press conferences can sometimes contradict the printed guidelines. Bookmark the Daily Health Check for Staff. It has information about when to stay home, when to self-monitor and when to self-isolate. The Daily Health Check for Parents outlines the requirements for students. More comprehensive advice is in the SD61 Communicable Disease Prevention Plan.

I contracted Covid. How do I get paid?

If you are on contract, first book your absence using your sick days. If you have fewer than 10 sick days, apply for short term benefits through the BCTF Salary Indemnity Plan.

To recover your sick days into your bank, or if you are a TTOC, call WCB and make a teleclaim. 1-888-967-5377. There is a 90% acceptance rate for school workers. Verification is required, either from an official lab test or diagnosis from a physician/nurse practitioner. It may be easiest to try to get a virtual appointment with a health care provider to confirm your diagnosis.

I have to stay home with my child. What do I do/?

First use your 3 paid Family Emergency Days. Next use your 4 Critical Illness Days. After that, you can use 5 unpaid Family Responsibility Leave days. Contact the GVTA office, or your staff rep, for more information.

What about the Vaccine Status Disclosure in the news?

This will be enforced in Local Health Authorities at the discretion of regional Medical Health Officers, not applied province-wide. We do not have further information at this time about whether VIHA will be implementing it.

COVID-19 Safety

Critical information to help teachers navigate COVID-19 safety

We will be posting updates and information as they become available, so please check back here often. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Protocols for K-12 Schools:


Additional Resources:

Leaves Related to COVID-19

In addition to the regular leaves in the Collective Agreement, members may be entitled to access the following two COVID-19 leaves. Please contact the GVTA for additional advice.

Worksafe Claims

If you test positive for COVID-19, we recommend that you submit a claim for compensation to WorkSafeBC. You can make a WorkSafe claim using Form 6 - Application for Compensation and Report of Injury or Occupational Disease or by phoning 1-888-967-5377. You can contact the GVTA for specific advice.

COVID-19 Emergency Fund

In the 2020-21 year, the GVTA negotiated an agreement with the District regarding the previous year's unused remedy. Part of that agreement involved having funds transferred to the GVTA for the purpose of a COVID-19 Emergency Fund. The COVID-19 Emergency Fund and Committee terms expired December 31, 2021. The General Meeting passed the following motion on November 16, 2021:

Moved: Waldron/Gow Carried

That the remainder of the funds transferred to the GVTA for the COVID Emergency Grant (unused remedy 2019/2020) be sent to schools prorated to student FTE in January 2022. Funds to be used for teacher staffing to improve class size and composition concerns and all decisions on dispersal of funds to be made through staff committee.