Salary & Benefits

Placement on the Grid

A member's salary is determined based on their year's of experience (moving up the "steps" as outlined in Collective Agreement Article B.20) and their level of qualifications (their "Category"). 

The Category is set by the Teacher Qualification Service. Once TQS has confirmed a category change, there are strict timelines for getting that information to the District, set out in Collective Agreement Article B.20.7.

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Salary Indemnity Plan

The BCTF operates its own Salary Indemnity Plan, providing both short-term and long-term benefits to members disabled from employment as a result of illness or accident. The complete plan regulations are published in the Members' Guide to the BCTF. The plan is operated by the BCTF and financed by members. It is not underwritten or guaranteed by a life insurance company. For more information, including the eligibility criteria and application process, please see the BCTF website.

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