staff rep Resources

Need assistance and/or advice? Staff reps are always invited to contact the GVTA officers by phone (250-595-0181) or email.

Staff Union Rep Training (SURT)

The BCTF supports the GVTA to offer training up to five days of training for school GVTA reps and staff committee chairs. When training is scheduled, the GVTA will send notices out to the reps.

Useful Forms / Letters

Five Things you need to do as a Staff Rep

  1. Attend Monthly Staff Rep Assembly meetings

  2. Make sure your staff has a monthly GVTA meeting

  3. Post important notices on your GVTA bulletin board

  4. Call the GVTA office when you don't know the answer

  5. Attend Staff Union Rep Training

Role of the Staff Rep

From the By-Laws in the GVTA Members' Guide:

5.6 The Staff Representative shall:

  1. carry out duties and responsibilities assigned by the local Association;

  2. monitor contract implementation;

  3. attend the General Meetings of the Association and meetings of the Local Staff Rep Assembly;

  4. be the official spokesperson for her/his school at Local Staff Rep Assembly and General Meetings;

  5. be elected by Association members in each school, along with at least one alternate, before June 18th of each year; the term of office shall begin July 1st of the year elected;

  6. ensure that a staff committee constitution is prepared.