Local Specialist Associations


APIV (Association des professeurs d'immersion de Victoria)

Advocates for FRIM teachers and students in the District and provides professional development opportunities to FRIM teachers.

President/Contact: Hélène Poulin hpoulin@sd61.bc.ca and Helena Ewald hewald@sd61.bc.ca

Tonya Winton (secretary) twinton@sd61.bc.ca

How to join: Contact Hélène Poulin or Helena Ewald

Meeting Times/Format: Once every few months via Zoom, usually starting at 3:15

Teacher Librarian LSA - GVTLA

Greater Victora Teacher Librarians' Association (GVTLA)

Supportes Teacher Librarians and advocates for school library learning commons programs in SD 61.

President/Contact: Geoff Orme gorme@sd61.bc.ca

How to join: Contact Geoff and attend our next meeting

Typical Meeting Times/Format: Typically the first Thursday of the month at 3:30-4:30/5

Provincial Specialist Association BCTLA

Music Educators LSA

GVMEA - Greater Victoria Music Educators’ Association

Supports music educators working in the public school system by organizing professional development, support each other through sharing resources, pedagogy ideas, social events and help resolve district issues that may arise pertaining to music education. The GVMEA is the LSA for music in SD 61 as well as being a chapter of our provincial association, the BCMEA.  

President/Contact: Cindy Romphf - musiclsa61@gmail.com

How to join: Email musiclsa61@gmail.com for more information.

Typical Meeting Times/Format: Meets once a term. Dates and times TBD

Provincial Specialist Association BCMEA  


Teachers Of Inclusive Education

Supporting and mentoring inclusive education teachers along with any teacher in their efforts to provide an inclusive education for all students

President/Contact: info@gvta.net

How to join: Contact the GVTA office at info@gvta.net

Typical Meeting Times/Format: Meetings have been most recently on zoom. Executive meetings and after school pro d/mentorship opportunities after school as needed.  Members decide on frequency of get togethers, scope and purpose.

Provincial Specialist Association  TIE BC  


ELL LSA: English Language Learning  

Collaboration and professional development that benefits multilingual learners of English from diverse backgrounds. Promote awareness and the important role of intercultural competencies and cultural responsiveness in local schools. To provide a voice for ELL teachers and students in the district and advocate for their rights. 

President/Contact: Jennifer Barber (jbarber@sd61.bc.ca

Professional Development for educational staff: For anyone who works closely with multilingual learners of English. To have conversations which help benefit the students and families we support in our community. Welcoming to all, we collaborate and share our experiences, ideas, insights and expertise. 

How to join: Email Jennifer Barber at jbarber@sd61.bc.ca 

Typical Meeting Times/Format: Zoom drop-in sessions Quarterly in-person meetings (2022-2023) 

Provincial Specialist Association BC TESOL  

primary (elementary) LSA

This LSA will be  starting again in September. You can get in on the beginning stages my filling out this google form https://forms.gle/mypeEn13vEAcoRUZA

Contact: ktlou@telus.net  or ezekiel.gow@gmail.com for more information

Provincial Specialist Association BCPTA