The BCTF negotiated mentorship funding as part of the retention and recruitment of new teachers in the province, to ensure mentorship opportunities for teachers are created and supported through an equitable process.

Local funding will support release time, training, co-ordination and/or collaboration time, mentorship conferences/workshops or other mentorship events. GVTA members can access mentorship funding by applying for the Teacher Mentorship Program or as a Group.

GVTA Teacher Mentorship Program

Teachers that have been part of the Mentorship program previously have found it very beneficial to their practice. This is a reciprocal and non-evaluative opportunity for colleagues to work together. The Mentors are provided special skills and techniques to mentor and empower their mentees. Mentees are also provided training to get the most out of their experience and explore creating new challenges to encourage professional growth and vision. There is some release time for training and also for classroom observation and collaboration between mentor and mentee.

GVTA Group Mentorship

Criteria for Group applicants:

  • Involve a GVTA Standing Committee, a Local Specialist Association, or GVTA/SD61 Mentorship Program.

  • Involve several teachers and schools in the district.

  • Projects must have an ongoing impact on teachers, or teachers and students in the district.

  • Projects may include the local community.