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TTOC and New Teacher Handbook

This GVTA resource is available here: New Teacher Handbook

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Your Rights as a New Teacher or TTOC

All members of the GVTA, whether they are a Teacher teaching on Call or engaged in a Temporary or Continuing Contract, are protected by the Collective Agreement and are entitled equally to representation and assistance by the GVTA and the BCTF. If you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact the GVTA through the GVTA Office or through a Staff Rep at a school.

Call Outs and the Automated Dispatch System (ADS)

Instructions for the use of the ADS are available on the School District ADS Webpage.

The School District ADS allows a teacher to request a particular TOC to be dispatched to fill an absence. However, it is the policy of the BCTF that Teachers not express a preference for a particular TOC when logging an absence. This BCTF policy (49.19 - Members' Handbook) is rooted in the regard we have for teaching as a Profession, in the regard we have for each other as Professional colleagues, and in our (BCTF) Code of Ethics.

BCTF Teacher Newsmagazine articles:

A-List and B-List Placement

At the beginning of each school year, each TTOC must elect to placed on the A-List or the B-List. The A List provides more opportunities for call out, but requires greater availability from the TOC. Conversely, the B-List provides less opportunities for call outs, but requires less availability.

A-List - Dispatches will be offered to qualified TTOCs on the A-List before being offered to TTOCs on the B-List. A-List TTOCs must work a minimum of 25 days each year to remain on the A-List the following year - otherwise they will be assigned to the B-List the following year.

B-List - TTOCs are required to work a minimum of 5 days each year - otherwise they risk being removed from the employment of the School District.

Complete provisions of A List and B List placement are available in the TTOC A & B List Settlement Agreement.

BCTF Resouces Online

The BCTF hosts a comprehensive web site for BCTF members.