Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs)

The BCTF includes 31 provincial specialist associations (PSAs). Each PSA is a group of like-minded teachers with a common focus area. PSAs enable their members to connect with each other, exchange ideas on teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests.

How to Join a PSA

Easily join a PSA by signing-up online. 

Benefits of Joining a PSA

Belonging to a PSA is an excellent way to keep up with the latest developments in teaching related to an area that you are interested or passionate about. PSAs support their members through:


PSAs deliver provincial and regional conferences in-person and online. The third or fourth Friday in October is reserved for PSA Conferences. Hundreds of teachers volunteer their time to organize and deliver high-quality professional development for their colleagues. Learn about PSA day conferences and other PSA PD and other PD opportunities.


PSAs regularly publish print and/or electronic newsletters full of learning materials and opportunities, teaching strategies and ideas, and more. Join a PSA to start receiving this great benefit.

Opportunities to Give Back to the Profession 

PSAs give educators an opportunity to fulfill professional standard #8, educators contribute to the profession. Volunteering with a PSAs allows educators to support, mentor, and encourage other educators. Enjoy the opportunity to connect with colleagues while volunteering for an hour or two at a conference, writing an article for a newsletter, presenting a workshop, or being a member of a PSA executive can be fulfilling and fun. Contact a PSA to learn more about volunteer opportunities.